Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder – Symptoms and Diagnosis

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The trouble here does not arise from any inherent problem in your ability to sleep, but is caused instead by a mismatch between your innate sleep-wake cycle and the demands dictated by your environment. There are four different scenarios.

The first is the “night owl.” Your internal circadian rhythm is delayed and has you waking and sleeping several hours behind the rest of your world. Left to your own devices, you fall asleep well past midnight and wake up around noon or even later. You have no problem with this sleep pattern unless you are forced to conform to a “normal” nine to five work schedule. You find it impossible to fall asleep and wake up when everyone else does, gradually become sleep-deprived, have excessive daytime sleepi­ness, require several alarm clocks to get up, and feel miserable all morning.

Common Intellectual Functions

Common Intellectual Functions – Problem Solving, Abstract Thinking, Insight, and Judgment

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The ability to think abstractly is assessed by asking the person how two objects are either similar or different (“How are a bus and train alike?”) or to interpret the meaning of a proverb or saying. For example, when pre­sented with the proverb “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” a person who previously taught college English but now has Dementia may give a very concrete and literal interpretation rather than considering the metaphorical implications of the statement. “It means that you have to be careful because the stone may fall out of your hand and smash the window.”

Judgment and insight are two higher-order intellectual functions that reflect a person’s self-awareness and awareness of social conventions and expectations. Standard questions used to assess judgment include: “What should you do if you are in a theater and you see a fire?” or “Why are laws necessary?” It is probably more relevant to tailor questions about judgment to the person’s actual living situation.

Risk For Gallstones

Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Gallstones

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We can find out how common gallstones are in different groups of people or different countries. This is possible by gathering information from examinations that have been carried out on people who have died and by examining people’s gallbladders by a technique called ultrasound or by X rays.

Age is a key factor in developing gallstones. Although it is possible to be born with gallstones (which can now be diagnosed in the fetus inside the mother!) this is mercifully exceptionally rare. Very little gallstone disease is seen until after puberty. Thereafter, a gradual increase with age occurs so that the chance that people in their 90s and older will have gallstones is as high as one in three. So even if nothing else changed, because the general population is getting older gallstones will be a more frequent problem than before.

Depressive Illness

Common Types of Depressive Illness

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Early in the twentieth century, depression was classified as either reactive or endogenous. Reactive depression was thought to be milder in nature, and caused by an outside event. Endogenous depression was considered more severe and was thought to begin spontaneously, without an external cause. Usually the person had weight loss and sleeping problems, slowed thinking, and agitation or retar­dation of movement. Another name for this type of depres­sion is melancholia. This term captures the anguish of the sufferer better than the word ‘depression’.

Both of these types – indeed – are now thought to be different manifestations of the same disorder. The illness can change from mild to severe, sometimes has an external cause, and sometimes occurs spontaneously.

Psychotic Depression
In some cases, depression becomes so severe that the person develops delusions and hallucinations. (‘Psychosis’ means the person is out of touch with reality.) Delusions are frightening fixed ideas that are not open to argument. If you have a depressive delusion, you may think that you are already dead, or that you are responsible for all the evil in the world. Auditory hallucinations are usually experienced as disem­bodied voices telling you to kill yourself, or saying that you are worthless. Psychotic depression is an emergency situation, because the delusions and hallucinations are so compelling and real to you that you may feel forced to act on them.

Behavior Problems in Children

Behavior in Children – Conduct Disorder

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Puppies are playful—whether they be puppy dogs, puppy whales, puppy dolphins, puppy elephants, puppy humans, or the puppy members of most of the other higher species. The behavior of juve­niles is always more active, disruptive, law breaking, and risk taking than it will be when they grow up and eventually wise up. Particularly, this is true for young males, who across almost all species earn a well-deserved reputa­tion for rambunctiousness and troublemaking.

Nurture and nature both play a role in either discouraging or encourag­ing disruptive behavior. Young male elephants on one of the African game preserves were recently found to be teasing, bullying, torturing, and some­times even killing white rhinos for no apparent reason other than the raw fun of it. This was surprising because elephants are usually among the best behaved of animals, accustomed to comporting themselves with punctil­ious manners and exquisite discretion. The explanation for their unusual behavior provides a fascinating illustration of how social organization helps to keep us all in line. It happens that the young bucks in question had just been moved from another game preserve because it had become over­crowded. In the process, they had been inadvertently removed from the tutelage and social restraint usually provided by the senior bulls and the wise matriarchs. Although previously well behaved, the sudden lack of structure allowed the youngsters to act like juvenile delinquents off the set of West Side Story.

Ginger Root

Ginger Root can be a Colon Cancer Preventer

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According to a study that was published in the October issue of Cancer Prevention Research, the ginger root supplement can be investigated as a potential strategy for preventing colon cancer. A team of researchers from the University of Michigan Medical School found that ginger root supplement reduced the level of prostaglandin E2 which is a biomarker of colon inflammation in some group of patients. The authors have also written that studies which used drugs that inhibit the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX) indicated that the up-regulation of inflammation causing eicasanoids particularly prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) are the initial stages of development of colon cancer. Eicasanoids are signaling molecules which have short lives and they act on nearby cells.

Pregnant women0

Exercise does not Limit the Weight Gained during Pregnancy

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In a study of women with higher weights exercise during pregnancy was found to be safe for both mom and the baby. It was also found that fitness classes and exercise at home did not keep the mothers from gaining too much weight. According to Dr. Patrick Catalano, the finding has not come as a surprise. Dr. Patrick is a maternal-fetal medicine researcher in Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland. Dr. Catalano said, “Lots of studies have not shown any benefits relative to weight gain in pregnancy using either diet or exercise.”

Newborn premature babies

Newborn Premature Babies are Vocal with their Parents

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In a study conducted on 36 very premature infants who were born on an average during the 27th week of pregnancy, it was found that they were exclusively vocal when the parents talk to them. This is a latest finding which can play a significant role in understanding the later language ability in United States. The premature babies are usually considered to be slower than the average babies as far as the language skills are concerned. It is also not very much sure that the sounds which they hear after the birth are related to later language development. However, the infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of one hospital have are considered to be in a different sound environment. According to Melinda Caskey, a renowned pediatrician at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, the new born babies hear the mother’s voice more prominently.

ADHD drugs

ADHD Drugs Dont Raise Kids Heart Risk

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Drugs such as Ritalin and similar medicines that millions of North American children and teens take to curb hyperactivity and boost attention do not raise their risk of serious heart problems, the largest safety study of these drugs concludes. According to a new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, the various drugs used to combat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, do not increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes or sudden death.”Parents should be very reassured,” said Dr. Laurel Leslie, a paediatrician at Tufts Medical Centre in Boston who had no role in the study but served on a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel examining drugs for ADHD, or attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

Prostate cancer drug

Prostate Cancer Drug by Medivation seems to be Impressive

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Medivation Inc shares went soaring high after in a late stage study it was found that an experimental prostate cancer drug helped patients to live longer. The company now has high hopes that it will become a very strong contender in a market which is estimated to be worth $9 billion. On Thursday, Medivation Inc announced that an independent monitoring committee had recommended stopping the stop the clinical trials of MDV3100. This recommendation was made by the committee after observing the interim results. The company argued that they have shown enough evidences of benefit to warrant the administration of the experimental drugs to patients who were taking placebo. Shares of the company increased by more than 100% and reached $36.26 in heavy trading. This would give the company a market value of a huge amount i.e. $1.3 billion. The drug MDV3100 is being developed by Medivation Inc in partnership with a Japanese firm, Astellas Pharma Inc.

Brain Scan Analysis

Brain Scan Analysis Can Help in Predicting Psychosis

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On Monday, researchers found that computer analysis of brain scans could prove to be really helpful in predicting how serious and prolonged (long term) the illness of a psychotic patient can become. According to them it will also help the doctors in making better and more accurate decisions about how they can be given the best treatment. Scientists from King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry and University College London’s computer science department conducted a study which was published in the journal Psychological Medicine. In this study they found that with the use of computer algorithms for the analysis of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) brain scans the outcome of the patient can be predicted.

Skin cancer among youth

Panel Concerned for Rising Skin Cancer Cases among Youth

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The government backed expert panel in United States has started an initiative to educate youths on the harmful effects of UV rays, to limit the rising number of skin cancer cases around the country. According to Moyer, there is a big relation between UV rays of sun and skin cancer. This means that skin cancer is also caused by UV rays emitted by sun. It is a matter of deep concern for the government of United States that more than two million American people get this deadly disease every year. This condition cannot be curbed by puny attempts, but there is need of educating people about the main cause of skin cancer which is UV rays.

Human cord blood cells

US Drug Regulators approved a Therapy using Human Cord Blood Cells

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The Food and Drug Administration has licensed Hemacord, a therapy that contains self-recreating cells similar to stem cells from human cord blood. Donated umbilical cord blood can be used to treat people with life-threatening diseases, including leukaemia, other types of cancer, and immune and genetic disorders. Cord blood transplantation is often an effective alternative for people in need of bone marrow transplantation who cannot find a suitable tissue-matched donor, either within their own family or from unrelated donors on bone marrow registries.

Whey Protein Muscle Mass

How to use Whey Protein to increase Muscle Mass

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Whey protein can be used in a number of ways to improve certain aspects of one’s health. One use for the substance is to build muscle mass and gain weight. There are many supplements on the market today that promise to help people in this endeavor; however, the most effective seems to be whey protein.

If a person wants to add lean muscle to their body, then using whey protein is a good idea. Protein is necessary to build muscle. Therefore, it seems logical to use a substance that is made of protein. Working out will of course strengthen muscle mass but by adding whey protein muscles are built more efficiently. Many foods do already come naturally fortified with protein. However, for building muscles, protein is needed in larger amounts.

Green Tea

Green Tea to Trim Cholesterol

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Green tea may help reduce the extra cholesterol if taken in either capsule form or drunk directly in a cup. It cuts the “bad” cholesterol from the body according to a study made in the US based on more than a thousand people. These data were published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association and it clearly showed that green tea was capable of cutting down 5 to 6 points from one’s total bad LDL cholesterol levels as compared to any other capsule or treatment available for it.


Start of Pregnancy : Implantation or Conception

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Pregnancy is generally defined as the beginning of the stage when the fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterus after almost a week of fertilization process. This is also stated by the   American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), which is supposed to be one of the leading organization for this field of medicine.

Properly Disciplining a Child with Autism

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Only a few decades ago, hardly anybody knew what autism was. Now, it is being diagnosed in numerous children worldwide. The disorder is known to affect one in every 88 children, and the number of people that are diagnosed with it increases every year. Autism is a type of neural development disorder characterized by impaired verbal and nonverbal communication, the inability to empathize with the feelings of others and restricted or repetitive behaviors. If you are the parent or teacher of a child with autism, it can be very demanding, and may very well try your patience. 


Happy and Healthy Babies and Moms with Allegro Medical

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For new parents, bringing a child into the world can be the most exciting time in their lives. Unfortunately, it can also be the most stressful and frightening time as well. A new mother can’t help but have feelings of doubt and fear. Is she really prepared? Is she getting all the nutrients she needs for her baby’s health? Have she and her husband childproofed their home? Do they have the right utensils to feed their baby? What if they have a special needs child? Are they prepared for food sensitivities? All of these questions will boil up in an expecting mother’s head, and they can be incredibly paralyzing. But calm yourself. Allegro Medical has all of her pre- and post-natal needs covered.

Finding the Essentials to Run a Spa at

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After receiving a massage therapy license, it is easy for a person to think that they can just jump right into business, providing massages and treatments for customers. However, running this type of business actually requires quite a few different products and supplies in order to help customers to enjoy the desired results of the massage. Fortunately, provides all of the essential resources that are necessary to run a successful spa or massage therapy practice.

Accessing a Wide Variety of Massage Oils, Lotions & Creams
Oils, lotions and creams are among the most used and most vital supplies that massage therapists utilize. These products play many different roles throughout the massage process, depending upon the techniques being used. Massage oils can be necessary in order to allow the therapist’s hands to glide more easily across the skin, while there are creams designed to provide more traction, allowing the therapist to create more pressure on the tissues.

Appreciating the Value of a Raised Toilet Seat from Allegro

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Once a person has reached a certain age, having to sit on a toilet seat with a low surface can become nearly impossible and highly inconvenient. This is primarily because of the endless problems that senior citizens have to suffer through with their knees and muscles at this stage of their lives. Sitting down on and then standing up from a low-surface toilet seat can be extremely painful for an elderly person to endure several times throughout the day. In addition to eliminating these painful experiences completely, there are several other key reasons why adjustable raised toilet seats, such as the ones currently sold by medical equipment suppliers as such as Allegro, are so valuable.

The Value of Convenience
Elderly and disabled individuals truly do enjoy having easy, direct access to their bathrooms whenever necessary. There are over five million Americans that suffer from bowel incontinence today. Even though this is a diagnosis that affects people of all ages, it is primarily found in elderly individuals, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Having easy access to a comfortable toilet is more than just an optional luxury for them; it is a required necessity. A raised toilet seat that is already adjusted perfectly to meet his or her specific needs is an essential addition to any bathroom.